I built an observation hive following bonterras plans. Comming out of winter I have notice dead mites on the bottom interior of the hive. Also have noted several deformed wings on bees along with several dead brood. If I look hard enough, I can see mites on the bees every now and then. I plan on opening up the hive tomorrow when it's warmer to look at any drone brood that may be inside the frames for mites.
I also plan to do the match stick roping test on the dead brood in the hive to check for AFB. I am not sure if I have two problems or one. I know I have a mite problem due to the DWV noted along with dead brood being dragged out of the cells. Also many dead bees on the bottom (many with DWV). This is an 8 frame hive (4 frames high 2 frames wide).

Now the questions,
I have some aplife var that I can use.

1). Says use above 65 degrees. The hive is in a heated space so does this requirement still apply. The hive is in a room that is at least 66 degrees at all times.

2). The bonterra plans have four vent holes on all four corners with recessed hardware cloth in them. Can the wafers of apilife var be placed against the screen of the four vents on the four corners and then sealed so it will fumigate the interior of the hive. Probably do this with a piece of rubber and stap it to the hive. Or do the bees need to come in contact with the wafers and move them around the hive ( as they tend to do in a regular hive).

I really hope I can do this in this observation hive so I can watch the progress of the treatment.

I understand the smell. Sealing the hive will hopefully suppress this.

Anyone have any thoughts? Thank you very much.