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    Default Wild Bees / Empty Supers

    So I had one of my hives die out this winter. I left the empty supers in my beeyard because the wife wasn't in a mood to have them in the house. I divided the honey up between my last two hives except for about half a frame of honey I left in the boxes. Over the last week or two I've noticed an increasing number of wild bees (I can tell they aren't mine because they are huge and dark compared to my little Italians) flying into the hive. I assume the bees are just robbing the remaining resources in the hive but they numbers seem to be increasing. I checked and they vacate hive at night so they aren't staying over. Any chance of them moving in if they see a nice empty hive with drawn comb? Should I remove the supers so the robbing wild bees don't get used to robbing the spot and move on to my other hives? I'm just wondering what I should do at this point and I would love some tips!

    - Adam

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    Default Re: Wild Bees / Empty Supers

    You could pull the frames out and set them out around the yard so they get cleaned out without the bees actually robbing a hive. Then put it back together and hope a scout finds it to be a desirable piece of real estate.

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    Yes they are just robbing it. It will stop when the honey is gone. You are seeing more and more bees because when they take the honey back to their hive it gets the other bees excited having actual honey come in instead of nectar. When they get done you might want to put a few drops of lemongrass oil or a commercial bee lure in the hive and maybe catch a swarm. Or you could do a split off of one of your other hives when they get strong enough.
    Jason Young

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    Default Re: Wild Bees / Empty Supers

    I would think if you can time it right, plug the hive before they leave and leave it shut for a few days. After a while they will stay when you open up the hive. Scrounge a frame or two of eggs from another hive and get a queen going. You have a new hive..

    I read on here sometimes people posting about doing this. Somone whos done it before should reply seems like. I never done it FYI.

    As an after thought, if you plug it, put another one there next day in its place, repeat. Combine the two. In theory should work.


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