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    Default How to help a weak hive

    Backyard beekeeper with two hive that survived the winter.
    One of the hive is doing fine, two full mediums and I just added a third medium for them.
    The other one lives in 3 medium, but only occupies about 2 frames in the middle medium box.

    I have given the weak hive a grease patty, but I can feed sugar water because most nights are below 40.

    Since the hive are right next to each other, I was wondering if I should try to switch their location? Maybe that would drive some of the bees from the strong hive, to the weak hive and that way improve the weak hive?

    Any thoughts or suggestions? BTW main flow just started for me. I'm in SF Bay Area Cal.

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    Default Re: How to help a weak hive

    First thing is to get two unused boxes out of there way! That is a lot of real estate to unncessesarily heat and defend. Yes, reduce entrance and when the hives are flying full, switch them. But, there comes a time to realize that the slow colony is a product of their queen and the need to replace her. If she doesn't come on strong with more workers, it is that time.


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