I am in Jackson, Wyoming, high and cold, with lots of snow still on the ground but spring looming. Yesterday was especially warm/mild and the bees were out like a summer day -- lots walking around on the landing board, many taking flight. (I should add that, perhaps because I super-insulated the hive, on other sunny days this winter, there has always been bee activity out of the hive, though nothing like yesterday.)
There was a lot of fecal spotting on top of the hive and on the front side, as well as some on the landing board. My thoughts turned to nosema. I have never medicated for that problem (the hive was new last spring), and I'd rather not take that step if I can avoid it but would certainly do so if it were critical to the health/survival of the hive.
Since we are so early in the season I am inclined to wait a while for a better idea as to the health/strength of the bees. While they have managed to get some cleansing flights through the winter, I seriously doubt they had any opportunity like yesterday, what might be considered 'opening day' for a more temperate weather pattern. We are surely not done with winter, however. We'll get hit again, but the trend is clear.
Any thoughts or comments are most welcome. I've had one or two hives for about 6 years but still feel very much a beginner. I've never medicated for any problem… but have had hives not make it through the winter, and had one episode of colony collapse, I think.
Thank you in advance, and have a good day!