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    Default How to tie a bee viel with strings in the back

    I saw were someone started a thread on how to tie a veil starting from the front, but mine starts from the back I think. I bought the veil from brushy mnt it is the one with the soft hat built right in it. The strings start in the back and there is a D ring on the front.

    I take the strings from the back and go under my arms, then through the D ring, then criss cross across my chest, around the back of my waist, and then tie in the front.

    It worked fine doing some winter feedings and checking nucs, but now that it is getting warmer I dug into the brood nest of a couple of full sized hives twice and ended up with a veil full of bees. Which sent me running for my Ultra Breeze. It seems to me that I am tieing it the right way, and it is tied tight not loose. But I still end up with bees in my veil?
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    Default Re: How to tie a bee viel with strings in the back

    Sounds right... Did you see Ray Markers post? I liked his idea - sticks up shirt collar then drops veil over and ties around his neck. Seems that would do it. Yeah, I have those extra veils for a quickie, but when doing a full inspection, I sure like my jacket better. But I keep experimenting with the veil. Our 110-degree summers can be warmish in a std jacket.
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