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    In which month do I reverse my hives?
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    Hi Boone, I don't know for your area but something that I learned that worked for me last year was look at the forecast and make sure that there isn't a large temperature change about to occur because it will take a few days for the bees to adjust to things being re arranged. For me I would wait till I see like a month of foraging temperatures to make any drastic changes like reversing. I also like the idea of having a slatted rack or a shallow of combs or something at the bottom so if the temperature gets cold again unexpectedly there is a buffer at the bottom between the entrance and the new brood that will get lowered from the reverse. When it warms up for certain I can take that shallow away. I base keeping that buffer of combs at the bottom on an observation I see when it is cold. The bees get in the center and move up so I figure they like a buffer at the bottom and around the sides. I also don't reverse them if the brood is running between two boxes because I read not to split apart the brood chamber. I'm fairly new at this but I definitely wait to reverse till things have become stable with temperature. It depends on the season. Here in PA it is still cold and I am not messing with them much till I see a nice warm several weeks in the forecast like April I'm guessing. I look forward to other responses on your post. VW

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    I watched a webinar by Mike Palmer on Managing for honey production. and it seems he said around dandelion bloom.
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