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    Yesterday was a weird day int the yard. First a swarm I actually think its to early for a swarm so I was interested in what might be some of the reasons for absconding? Next I had a hive balling a queen whats the usual cause for this. Thought that was even a little weird for the first day in the upper 60's.


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    Where did the swarm come from? one of your hives? did you catch it?
    Absconding most all the bees in the hive leave.
    Reasons for absconding: Too hot in the hive, to much ventilation, pest problems (mites, SHB, wax moths, mice), constantly being robbed by another hive, smells like cinnamon or honey robber in the hive...

    There could be allot of reason they don't like their queen, maybe she inferior, or sterile, damaged or getting old. Maybe she came back from a mating flight and went to the wrong hive.

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    The usual cause is the wrong queen in the hive. Maybe a virgin mated and returned to the wrong hive.
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