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    Default Bees in greenville sc

    Hi, I am looking for package bees or nucs for sale close to greenville sc. I have found two places that will have some in mid April. Does anyone have any sooner? Thanks!

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    Default Re: Bees in greenville sc

    I guess you have contacted BeeWell in Pickens and Carolina Honey Bee Co. in TR? I have joined the Pickens Co. Association and just haven't been to the Greenville meeting yet. I expect these folks could answer your question if there are any local sources. Everyone that signed up for the beginner classes in Pickens (one more class) is getting a free package of bees from BeeWell. I would suspect that some of the folks may not be ready for them and may consider giving them up. Check out the website and plan to attend our next meeting. Good luck!


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