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    Default The science behind the eu ban on neonics: Bbc radio programme

    This is an excellent BBC Radio discussion of the Science behind the ban on neonics in Europe.
    It is available online in America via this link, which should work in the USA.

    Professor Dave Goulson (bumblebee expert at Sussex University) is good and Professor Lynn Dicks of Cambridge University (entomologist: moth and butterfly expert) is good on the regulatory process.

    BBC Radio: 'MATERIAL WORLD': Bees and pesticides;

    Duration: 10 minutes

    First broadcast: Thursday 02 May 2013
    "EU states have voted in favour of a proposal to restrict the use of certain pesticides that have been linked to causing serious harm in bees. Neonicotinoid chemicals in pesticides are sprayed onto seeds and spread throughout the plant as it grows. There has been a lot of concern about this systemic approach, with some scientists arguing that it is comparable to using antibiotics 'prophylactically' - every day of your life (in case you get a sore throat).

    Professor Dave Goulson from the University of Sussex and Dr. Lynn Dicks from the University of Cambridge discuss the scientific evidence currently available on these pesticides as well as the limited data available on the population and health of hundreds of other pollinating insect species."
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