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    Default Re: CCD/Neonicotinoid Data (Studies, Articles, Links)

    Just to remind folks about this particular thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by Barry View Post
    Use this thread to post Articles, Studies or Links that apply to the topic of CCD.
    This will allow members to have all supporting data in one place.

    This thread is NOT for discussion.
    Post supporting data only. Discuss data in other threads.
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    Default Re: CCD/Neonicotinoid Data (Studies, Articles, Links)

    Honeybees are not butterflies, of course. But given the lack of research about the possible effects of herbicides on bee brood, I thought this study of the effect of two herbicides on butterfly larvae might be worthy of note:

    ************************************************** ***************

    Journal of Insect Conservation
    February 2010, Volume 14, Issue 1, pp 53-63
    Date: 29 Apr 2009

    Effects of grass-specific herbicides on butterflies: an experimental investigation to advance conservation efforts
    Cheryl Russell, Cheryl B. Schultz

    Encroachment by invasive plants is a leading threat to rare butterflies. Restoration plans increasingly recommend herbicides to control invasive plants within butterfly habitats. Few studies address the effects of these herbicides on at-risk butterflies. The effects of two graminicides (fluazifop-p-butyl and sethoxydim) and a surfactant (Preference®) were evaluated on Icaricia icarioides blackmorei and Pieris rapae. The effects on butterfly larvae were assessed by mimicking recommended timing and mixture rates of field applications. Differences in survival to adult eclosure, development time, biomass, sex ratio and adult morphology were assessed. Survival of P. rapae was reduced by 32% with sethoxydim and 21% with fluazifop-p-butyl. Wing size and pupal weights of P. rapae were reduced by herbicide treatments. Icaricia icarioides blackmorei experienced a 21% reduction in development time from the date of treatment to eclosure. These results highlight the importance of careful consideration in the use of herbicides in habitats harboring at-risk butterfly populations.

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