Hello Everyone,

I hope your all in a good start for the season and are up in almonds this season (I heard prices are up and the bloom is late???).

Has anyone here been trying the coconut oil in the use of varroa Control?? has anyone done or heard of any efficancy rates in using the oil, proper dosage of oil, residual/how often to apply/ and when to apply?? I done so once in a 1 x 1 inch paper towel, and I had mite drop in some hives but not all, even with varroa present in most hives, one thing I did notice is that hives with fewer bees 4 to 6 frames had a good mite drop because the oil/towel was in place, but as for my stronger hives +9 frames, the bees simply removed the towel/oil out to the entrance thus resulting in low to no mite drop, but are doing quite well. Most of my hives that gotten PMS(Parasitic Mite Syndrome) in Fall/Early winter are recovering slowly/lagging to build up.

These were based on visual observations, but will continue to try the oil using screened bottom boards/sticky cards to get accurate number of mite drop. Treated(Coconut Oil)/Control hives

I've also tried the menthol for Tracheal mite in 2011 and that forced my bees out of the boxes to the point that they left the brood/bearded in front of the hive, anyone else observed this as well??? I got a box of 10 to 15 packets/pouches if you want them(FREE).

Thank you for your time and any knowledge you can share on this topic.