Hello all!
We're a suburban Chicago family on 2 acres - interested more and more in self-sufficiency both for better products and for less cost. Our local beek dropped the neighborhood as a hive site, so our garden produce went way down three years ago. Another neighbor got bees last spring - and low and behold, we got produce! Those neighbors are looking at building and moving out of state in 5yrs, so it's time to add bees for our garden and small (but growing) orchard.

Right now, boiling maple sap for our own syrup. Gathered eggs from our flock of layers. Getting meat chickens in a month, so I'd better get supplies for them soon. Got the first seedlings in the dirt under the lights in the barn in preparation for early spring planting. And mother nature delivered her first "real" snowfall of the year. Yep, I'm VERY thankful for the precip...but really, 5" of snow? Doesn't mother nature know I've got to get a KTBH built in preparation for the end of April packages of bees that are coming?! Really?!