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    My little hive from last spring has jumped out already this season. We haven't had much bad weather here this winter, and I have observed pollen being brought in since late January. I was able to open the hive last week and the bottom deep is loaded with 5 frames of brood couple frames of mixed pollen and honey and 2 drawn frames that were mostly empty. The medium on top looks the same. Is there any concern about crowding at this time of year? We will have a couple days of cold temps and then back into 50 and 60 degrees. Is there anything I should be doing to give them more space, or should I not worry about it right now? The other hive is nowhere near this one in brood rearing.
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    So you have a story and a half brood chamber with four empty frames. I think it is time to put a super on myself, especially if you have white comb being built on your top bars.

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    I don't have much experience, but like Vance says, if they are building fresh comb, you want someplace for them to process nectar into honey! Spring honey flow is prime comb building time, take advantage of it.

    So long as there is empty comb around the brood nest the queen will be laying there, and all is good. If the hive gets into a situation where the brood comb is ALL full of brood, swarm preparation will probably start unless you open things up.



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