I was recently given boxes of unused, unassembled frames. I have enough to make probably 240 frames. All of the frame ends are for deep hive bodies and I am planning on using medium bodies in my next hives that I will start up in Spring. I am planning on cutting all the frame ends down to the length of what medium frame ends should be and then notch out the area for the bottom bar. The width of the deep frame ends are about 1/8 of an inch wider than what a medium would be. I am concerned that when I place 10 frames in my hive(brood) bodies, the space between the frames ends will be a bit smaller/tighter for the bees to walk through. Should I sand them down to make the space 1/8 of an inch bigger or not worry about it? I don't want to prevent them from being able to walk around the ends of the frames when trying to get to the other side of the foundation. Thanks, juzzerbee