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    Default Drones and Swarming

    Hi, new beek here, worrying about my one and only hive swarming -- so here in the Bay Area, we've got warm days, and first drones came out this past weekend. Today, saw that there's a whole frame of capped drones nearly ready to pop. So here's the questions -- is there a way to predict a hive's readiness to swarm by the number of drones it is producing? Maybe a silly question but...

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    Default Re: Drones and Swarming

    In my neck of the woods, when I see capped drones for the first time, swarm season is 30 days away. Its nature so nothing goes exactly as it should
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    Default Re: Drones and Swarming

    If I found a full frame of capped drones and was not breeding queens, I would put that frame in the freezer or cut it out and kill a whole pile of varroa! Smash em with your hive tool at least!


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