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    Default Stolen acerglynn recipe

    This recipe is from a talented Canadian lady and if I didn't have such poor impulse control, I should ask her before stealing her recipe. My plan is to scale it up to a 6 1/2 gallon batch. This is her fourth run and it should be there, but for those timid, take the wimp clause and follow it exactly for a gallon. This will take a couple years to really shine and old men with heart failure shouldn't have to wait twice.

    If you don't have a hydrometer, they are six bucks and make life so much easier.

    1 kg of fresh clover honey
    1 540 ml can of maple syrup
    juice and zest from 3 lemons (yeah, I know, but it seems to need it, the times I've gone without lemon, it seems flat in taste, and it stops around 1.025-30 despite the pH being 3.6 with the last batch)
    water to almost 1 gal (target SG 1.125)
    EC-1118 yeast
    1 tsp yeast nutrient (DAP)
    1/2 tsp yeast energizer

    Friday Nov 4 - Honey and syrup were mixed with lemon juice and zest in bottom of carboy, one honey jar of hot water and two or three of cold water added.

    Yeast was rehydrated in 106F water and then fed with bits of must to make an acclimated starter over the course of about 2 hours, poured in the starter and went to bed. pH was 4.4.

    Sunday Nov 6 - went in to aerate with beverage frother, gave it a few minutes then poured in about 1/3 of the nutrients and energizer (I mix it in one container so I can add at aerations), and it foamed. And foamed, and foamed and foamed. Fortunately it was literally a foot and a half from the sink so as soon as it started, I sat it in the laundry tub and all was well, I hit the foam with the frother and got it to settle down pretty quickly so no big deal Must remember to go down deeper with the frother before I add nutrients next time.

    I told you you need a hydrometer. The must is fed and areated over the first three days of fermentation. The experts which I am not, areate and give last feeding when 1/3 of the fermentable sugars are used up. I just feed and areate the first three days then put an air lock on it until it about quits working. Rack it off the lees (or not with this particular yeast) and forget it in a dark corner for a year except to make sure the air lock doesn't dry out.
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