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    Default Does anyone know... Earthquake or ??

    I was in Southern China a few weeks ago. Two nights in a row, there was an earthquake or something similar. Looking in the news, I saw North Korea had done Nuclear testing on the same day and a bit of local talk blamed this. The problem is.. I was roughly 1200 miles from this. A magnitude 4.5 should not travel 1000 + miles I dont think. It was also the wrong time. I felt these quakes at near 3-4 AM. News reported Nuc testing at noon local. Two nights in a row!!!! Nothing on the US earthquake maps for this time. Another week or so after, another earthquake happened locally and this one was recorded on the US maps.

    I have experienced several smaller magnitude earthquakes before and this sure felt like the same thing. What did I experience??????
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    Question Re: Does anyone know... Earthquake or ??

    Are there any active mines around you? Sometimes you can feel them blasting. But most the time that will get captured on the earthquake maps... Sonic booms can shake a house and if its far enough away you get the pressure pulse and almost no BOOM!... Something else to think about


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