The first bees I bought two years ago, I put into a Tanzanian TBH. (bought a nuke) My reasoning at the time was to go ahead and use the frames. One of the colonies died last year, the other has struggled through a lot of adversity to survive, but they did. ( I accidently killed TWO queens in that hive by rolling them against the side of the box with the side of the frame) I have since started using Kenyon TBH's ( much easier to manipulate the bars). I want to move the TTBH to a KTBH. I have built a small 8 bar KTBH to put on top of the bars of the TTBH. I will make the entrance so that the bees have to go through the small hive to get out. I will also put some empty comb from another of my strongest hives up there. Would it be a bad idea to catch the queen and move her up? Or, should I just let them move up on their own. I am putting a divider in the TTBH to make the brood chamber as small as possible.
I know this is long and rambling, sorry!