A few questions if everyone doesn't mind?

I went into the fall with 4 hives and lost two early on to CCD - hives are completely empty of bees and the honey hasn't been touched - I will use it to feed the new Nucs I'll be installing in May. I've lost another one to I believe the cold and possibly humidity - we gone from minus 44 weather to plus 10 all within a week and the weather continues to fluctuate. Only one survivor right now.

So question one: is there any thing to be concerned about installing a new nuc into a previously abandoned hive that is suspected of CCD?

Question two: With respect to splits and new Nucs - I'm hoping that my one hive continues to survive and that I can use it to actually produce my own queens for my splits. If I can do this and raise a small number of queens what would be the best way to go about increasing my hives from my new Nucs. Can you split Nucs right away or should I wait until end of June to split.

Or should I split my surviving hive and use one of the Nucs to produce my queens.

The other question I have is that I see a lot of advice regarding splits where the new hive is moved two miles away. I only have two and half acres of land so this is not feasible. How important is this and is there a different way to go about increasing my hive numbers.

Thank you