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    Default Bee Vac from Lowes

    Lowes has a shop vac motor that fits on a five gallon bucket. (Shop-Vac Shop Vacuum Item #: 49940 | Model #: 6004511). It is a 6.5 amp motor. It does have good reviews on lowes' website. My question has anyone used this motor to make a bee vac using two 5 gallon buckets?
    If no one has used it does anyone understand vac motors to know if a 6.5 amp would be a good size for a bee vac. I think this translates out to about .7 HP.

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    Default Re: Bee Vac from Lowes

    I made one from that very setup and have used on two or three cut outs. Make sure you mark the buckets so as not to put the "inner" bucket on the outside. Makes it very difficult to get the buckets apart if you do... otherwise it works well for me.
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