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    Default Bee School starts tonight

    I'm extremely envious of you beeks who are already into your hives. We hit a low of 9F last night after it was close to 30 at bed time.

    But tonight is the the first night of Bee School! Can spring be all that far away?

    The computerized presentation is ready. There are stacks of magazines and catalogs on the stairs. And the projector is all lined up.

    A question mostly for newish beekeepers: What kinds of questions did you wish were answered in your first Bee school class?

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    Default Re: Bee School starts tonight

    I did the first class and the last class at my club's bee school last year. During my first class (Getting Started in Beekeeping), I asked for a show of hand of who began beekeeping this time last year. IOW, who has been doing it for just one year? I gave those individuals a blank index card and asked them to write on that card what they wish they had been told during last year's class. the next evening my session, which was the last of the school, covered "Things I wish I had known a year ago". I used responses obtained the night before as well as an article from the July 2011 issue of Bee Culture, "Learning All About Bees" by Kim Greenwood. The session brought up some of the little things that can turn out to be very important information, but is normally not covered in a class. Thus, several people say they really appreciated that session. You may try something like that. -js


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