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    Default swap list for your Goldenrod

    My goal is to provide the honey bees with many different species of Goldenrod on a 7 acres fenced in ranch type farm.

    For your different species of goldenrod bare roots (preferred) and/or seeds, I have available the following seeds to trade. These are all open pollinated grown, non GMO, many but not all have been growing in our garden for the last 20 to 30 years as a backyard hobbyist among others, seeds collected in every Fall. They are easy to grow and provide plenty of seeds every year. I will also consider other late in the season rare and exotic seeds or roots to trade as well good for the honey bees. Depending on the swap, I will box ship mine to you. Not in the small quantity of 10 or 50 seeds like on ebay or amazon asking too much. I will cover postage to ship these seeds to you. Since we are on beesource first come first serve to be fair by response date and time. Ask or PM me if you have any questions or would like to do a swap. Growing direction will be given if you are not familiar of how to grow them.

    Confirmed bee foods:
    lots Globe artichokes, showy purple flowers for the bees too
    lots edible Asian chrysanthemum green, daisy like yellow flower with orange center
    lots purple canola (rape), good bee forage both nectar and yellow pollens
    lots green canola (rape), good bee forage both nectar and yellow pollens --my bees on this one currently

    6 --Asian lotus seeds, Sacred Pink (Nelumbo nucifera), easy to grow and a fast growing pond plant with aggressive spreading behavior so grow at caution to contain them Good for lotus root soups in many Asian country too.
    1 pack Hopi blue ornamental hormy corn (heirloom)
    lots chicory, wild red stem
    lots chicory, white large long edible cylindrical roots
    lots castor bean, all purple color showy tall plant with lots of seeds
    lots Asian long 10" burpless cucumbers, crispy taste thin skin never bitter type
    lots edible Amaranths: Shipped from Africa both white and black seeds type; edible green, white leaf from Taiwan, very rare type
    lots okra, long (cow horn) and big fat abundance (tender) type
    lots Boston pickling cucumbers
    lots Asian hormy sticky corn, both white and purple color (juice all purple too when cook)
    lots-too many Italian leafy celery for greens, aromatic seeds good for pickling too
    lots Asian pak choi
    too many Collard big greens (peanut smelling flavor)
    Beans -too many different types to list of Asian both bush and climbing long 10"+ as well other different country beans from Laos to Greece to Mexico. If you want other seeds type I may have them available locally.

    Pic 64 is the same pink flower color but not my pic.
    Pic 67 has bee on from today, green canola flowering now.
    pic 71 is purple canola growing now, ready to flower in coming weeks.
    pic 77 is my booming honey bees partly because of the canola flowers.
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