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    hey all! i intro'd myself in the intro thread.

    i'm looking to meet Horizontal Top Bar Hive Bkpers in montana and get tips and advice...but i'll do that online as well. there is a vast amount of info online and in published books and youtube. so much so that lately i think i'm going into a bit of a tailspin in regard to keeping up with it.....


    i've ordered a 3lb package of Carniolans from Western Bee in Polson, MT (about 1.5 hours from me in Missoula).

    I bought the top bar hive from this forum's site....wonderful looking hive and not at all what i first encountered when i helped my father in law examine/inspect his girls in his langsroth in up state new york...(he's since left and in costa i can't really ask him for bee advice)...

    that said, i have concerns with introducing package bees to the Top Bar and am wondering if any of you kind folk could share advice, tips and do's and don'ts.

    I have read two bee keeping books...countless websites...watched videos...and yet, i'm still nervous.

    that's why i'm here. i want to learn and be ready for May.....

    i read that i should rub beeswax on my top bars...should i also make a mixture for my bees upon their arrival? should i do anything else to the hive? should i scare my neighbors and bee keep naked? :P


    would a 5 fram nuc be better and drop the bees on the top bar?

    should i hold and try to attract a swarm? i'm not too certain there are bees swarming around my neighborhood..and frankly i'm not quite ready to go grabbing a swarm....mostly, i want the bees to live...heck...i don't even care if i get much honey...i just want them to be well and happy and stick around. i do plan to build a fence inside my already fenced yard. i have chickens and 3 dogs (2 labs and a golden retriever) i do worry the dogs will upset them? the fence should help? right? will mowing the lawn upset them?

    thanks in advance!

    Rod in Missoula
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