Hi! I'm a newbee from Ottawa, Ontario. My 3 hives were destroyed by a bear in the fall, so I am looking to start over. I'm really intrigued by 8 frame mediums because then I could lift them without depending on my hubby and foundationless seems great, but I have 3 questions

1) Do you think an 8 frame medium box would withstand the climate?/ how many would I need to stack to give them the best chance at overwintering? Previously, I had succesfully overwintered running 2 deep 10 frame (but I can't move these by myself). We had two really bad cold snaps this winter (-30C plus windchill - minus 20F?) The average temperature is -15C (but thats an average with warmer and colder days)

2) I'm going to get two nucs in the spring. Can I just start with foundationless frames?

2) Similar question - Swarms seem to arrive at my house every summer - can I put a swarm directly in a foundationless brood box, with starters on the frames?

Many thanks!