Maybe this is an odd question, but I'm profoundly ignorant and hoping to improve, so I'll ask anyway. First, background:

I'm a would-be beekeeper. I spent this winter studying everything I could find, reading books and forums.

We have a piece of forest and meadow up in Northern NY that I plan to put a few hives on this spring. I have a couple of 8 frame Langstorth hives-- 1 deep and 4 mediums each. I'm fascinated by top bar hives, so I built one of those, too. However, the more I think about it, the more merit I see in horizontal hives for hobbyists like me, so I'm building one of those too. This hive will have the volume of four 8 frame deeps, and be fitted with standard frames and a divider board to adjust the cavity size to fit the colony.

An advantage to a horizontal hive of this sort is that it can be supered, if needed. What I'd like to know is: on which end of the hive should a super first be placed, relative to the entrance? I find the arguments for an end entrance on top bar and horizontal hives to be the most persuasive... so if the entrance is on the east end, should the super be stacked on the west end first? Why or why not?

Another hobby of mine is designing stuff, so I want to take this possibility into account in the design of the hive.