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    Hello all.
    I went into a dead hive today and found what appears to be molding pollen patty in the cells. My thought is that the hive didn't have enough bees to keep the moisture out and it got moldy. Just a little moldy. My wife says. "eww" hence the title. I haven't had this happen before, so can I freeze the frames and in mid season put them in a hive with bees or should I scrape then down to remove wax and all? It is only on a few frames and only on a few spots. Here is some pictures to help. I kept the files small.
    photo[1] (2).JPG

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    The bees won't even notice that little mess! Bag it and freeze the frames until you need them. Looks like wonderful comb to me. I wish I had a lot just like it eww and all.


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