Hello all, I started one top bar last year in May. They were doing well and had drawn out about 15 bars of comb by the fall. They did have stores of honey and I even fed them some sugar syrup and dry sugar crystals when I packed them away for winter. It's been real cold and we finally got a day in the 40's so I decided to check in on them. Well I found them all frozen in time...all dead with honey not far away. The outside bars of honey were pretty full and it looked like all syrup and dry sugar was gone. My question is what did I do wrong? I didn't harvest any honey this year so they would have enough. I put a piece of insulation on top of the bars between them and the cover. The hive is made of half inch pine. I have 4 more hives coming this year and I don't want to do the same thing next year. Please give me some advice. Thanks.