I'm considering building a 8 to 10 frame observation hive but I keep running into problems with where to run the exit/entrance. All the windows will put the opening near walkways and I'm not real keen about putting a hole through an exterior wall so I'm considering running a vertical flexible tubing along the route of a vent pipe that is directly next to where the hive would go (in the interior wall.) It exists cleanly through the roof and would put the opening nice and far from any people. I've seen some posts on the forums about running twine or string through excessively long entrances to help the bees climb up but I'm wondering if they will be able to haul dead bees that far vertically. So, two questions:

1. Could workers lift or drag dead bees 20-25 feet up a tube?

2. If not, would it be feasible to to make a junction box at the base of the tube where it connects to the hive for cleaning out the dead? (Think of an "L" where there is a small hinged box at the angle which could serve as a graveyard and clean-out station."