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    Default PreSwarm Symptoms?

    I work near about 20 hives. Found a pretty big swarm on a low tree about a week ago, caught it and installed it, pretty cool. Since then I have been keeping a closer eye on the other hives (not mine). I noticed one of the hives has been bearding the last two days. Its slowly growing but fairly small. There is a clump hanging over the ledge by the entrance that is about the size of a softball and about the same amount spread out over the hive. I don't have permission to open the hives or I would be looking for swarm cells. I have read that if they are bearding at this time it is most likely about to swarm. What do you guys think?

    Also a question about keeping swarms. If i was to catch a swarm on friday evening and had to keep it until monday morning to buy supplies should transport the hive to the backyard and leave the box with a small opening or should i keep it in a cool place closed until then? If so should i feed them?

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