Hello beekeepers, i have seen bits of info here and there over people using Advantech to build hives and lids with, although i have not used it myself, i did find it in a mom and pops building supply store finally. I wanted to have this thread to gather info AND real world reviews of this product. How long have people had this product in the field? Were they painted? Do the bees take to it like regular wood? Im not sure what all thicknesses it comes in, but this particular store has it in 3/4" and 1/2" thicknesses. The guy at the store told me it was primarily used for flooring that wont be covered for some time, and it can deal with wetness fairly well. Used for flooring seems like it would have to be pretty tough. Myself, i cant stand painting, and not to mention it can be costly. Is Advantech really the true wonder material that its all cracked out to be? It is fairly expensive 35$ a sheet (3/4") but it might well be worth it. Thanks guys for the input and your thoughts.