I'm setting up a cone/box/trapout under a trailer (my neighbor's as I'd written the other day, will let it get robbed out after I'm done. Trailer probably will never be used again is my guess).

I need to seal up the seams of the underneath skin of the trailer. I worked for an hour yesterday getting the cone and box set up and started on the seams. Much of it is not separated, just some areas of openings I have to block. I have the cone opening into a feeder hole in center of a lid at their main entry, a medium box, entrance closed but they will be able to move in and out around the cone. I added some empty frames, one with some empty drawn comb, and I prematurely added a frame with capped and open brood. They were going in on their own as I worked and through the cone.

The problem I'm having, with limited work space reaching under the trailer to tape those seam openings, the tape is sticking to my glove if I don't get it on trailer on first try, then getting twisted and messed up.

Maybe something better than tape at those seams once I get cone fully attached? Right now the cone is only 3/4 taped on because of my problem with tape and not enough work area. I'm sure I need to tape the cone, but maybe I can use something else at the seams? Or some way I can keep the tape from sticking to my gloves? I use leather gloves.

There are 2 more colonies under this trailer. This first colony was extremely tolerant of my work so far and the easiest to get to.