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    Default Colony die out, need some advice

    Hello, I am new to beekeeping as of last April, everything seemed to be going really well until last week when I noticed the colony had died. All, or what I think to be all, of the bees were in the hive with plenty of honey. I cleaned it out today and noticed a lot of the bees were head first in their cells with honey very close, (I estimate there is still 40 to 50 lbs of honey on this hive). I also noticed a lot of brown spots indicating some nosema even though I had treated last fall.
    My question is this, if they died off from the nosema, can I use the deep bodies & frames and the honey on them for a new package?
    Any advice I can get will be helpful.

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    Default Re: Colony die out, need some advice

    When I have nosema or suspect it I fumigate the frames with about 50ml of 80% acetic acid in a tray for a week in a closed container. The acid fumes kills any viable spores.
    Randy Oliver also says on his website that freezing for a few days reduces or eliminates nosema spores.

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    Default Re: Colony die out, need some advice

    Welcome, your bees starved.


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