Went into a hive today in Georgia. Temp was about 60. This was a late swarm that was caught last year. It is in one deep and one medium super full of honey from another hive. Bees look to be a little on the light side. In the deep they are on about 4 frames on one side with brood and a queen. On the other side I noticed two frames with no bees on it (drawn comb) that looked wet. So I took these frames out to look. I have not experienced this before. I should have taken a pic. The two frames were dripping with something and seemed to have "soaked the comb and frame". It would pour out of the frame when turned on its side. Maple should be flowing here. I see a little comming in my observation hive. It just dose not look like the typical storing of nectar. No noticeable order. Liquid is clear. It looks like someone sprayed the frame with WD-40. Other frames that I saw in other hives had some nectar being stored but it did not look like a wet mess as this hive did. Any thoughts?