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    Default Electrical Communication between bees and flowers

    Thought this was kind of interesting. Flowers can essentially advertise their goods available.

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    Default Re: Electrical Communication between bees and flowers

    I heard a few minute story discussing this on NPR this morning, and I see its on the news wire around the globe. The stories reference a publication in the journal Science, but I haven't been able to find that in print just yet. Very interesting though.
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    Default Re: Electrical Communication between bees and flowers

    Everything on our planet possesses or emits a magnetic field in one way or another. Everything in the universe for that matter. Little is known of how it all actually works or the effects on living beings. A woman a few years ago was cured of MS after being struck by lightening. How we or other living creatures are actually affected by EMF created by our own technology isn't understood except in extreme circumstances where those emissions are known to cause deformities like cancer. Insects have the ability to see light spectrum's that we humans aren't capable of seeing such as UV light. I imagine that those colors could be changed or enhanced do to changes in a magnetic field. Remember magnetic fields are the driving force in the movement of electrons that we refer to as electricity.

    It's all an a amazing world and very interesting to follow. The understanding of how these forces actually work I believe will one day be the means for man to travel to the the stars..........
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