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    Default Terra cotta clay planter box for top bar hive

    Does anyone have any thoughts or experience with terra cotta clay flower boxes used for top bar hives?
    I am looking for a woodless option since I live in tropical Mexico... Non treated wood rots very easily, becomes termite infested, and hardwoods are extremely expensive.
    I was thinking that clay would maintain temps very good in the summer heat and breath well in the high humidity but I cannot find anyone using this as a building material in a top bar construction...
    Also, interested in the future possiblity of glazing the inside to avoid them attaching combs to the sides.
    I found some that are within the acceptable range of dimensions for a tbh but am hoping for some advise before I move forward.

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    Default Re: Terra cotta clay planter box for top bar hive

    I would imagine you could get large clay pots inexpensively. They have been used for thousands of years to keep bees in. I would consider putting a layer of a homemade compound called hypertufa on the outside to help keep hive cooler or just get the recipe from wikpedia and make them yourself. So easy that I could do it when I was a landscape gardener. For that matter, you could cover a treated wood box with it or untreated for that matter.

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    Default Re: Terra cotta clay planter box for top bar hive

    Wow, that sounds like an interesting idea. Will be watching to see what the responses are as I live in South Florida and we have lots of terracotta.


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