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    Default How to minimize space to prevent beetle infestation

    I read in in Bee Culture magazine where a guy was saying to keep no more space than the bees can protect....when you put on a super it can make more space than you have bees to protect and lets the SHB roam free....I had this happen last year after I had put a super on my hive. In about 2 weeks the hive was taken over and obsconded, they had just started to build comb and add a small amount of honey in the super...So how can you minimize space with 2 deeps and the nectar flow is have to add a super, don't you? I don't understand how this can be done...maybe remove frames with no brood?

    From what I'm seeing we're going to have an early spring my fruiting pear and bradford pear is starting to bloom, my forsythia and buttercups are blooming....I need to find out what to do before the nectar flow starts.
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