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    Default Top cover doesn't close

    I'm new to beekeeping and here is my concern. I have a top cover on my hive. The basic wood with a hole for a jar feeder in the middle. I noticed that the cover doesn't close completely on the side of the hive and i can see there is a small crack the whole side of the hive. The wood must be slightly warped. I can see bees moving on the inside of the crack. I understand bees try to close off all cracks and It is important to keep pests such as small hive beetle out. Should i add some weight to the top of the cover? any suggestions. Thanks

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    Default Re: Top cover doesn't close

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    You certainly can add some weight to the cover, with no adverse effects.

    But a cover that doesn't close completely is not necessarily a problem. Some beekeepers have only top entrances, some have both top and bottom entrances.

    And there isn't much you can do to keep hive beetles out, if the bees can get in the hive, then certainly so can the beetles.
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    Default Re: Top cover doesn't close

    Precisely what Rader said. A small crack at the top isn't a big deal, as it will help give your girls some ventilation. Not a bad idea to add some weight to the top, as there is certainly an increased risk of the cover blowing off in high winds if it doesn't close all the way. You're never going to keep all the SHB's out, and the crack at the top (or lack thereof) won't make much difference in that regard.


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