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    Default I an Dressed for Success Now.

    A couple more goodie packages came in today. One from Brushy Mtn with some Pierco foundation, an new hive tool, and some of their plastic entrance feeders. I thought I would give them a shot since the feed trough is located inside the hive body. I have been losing bees in the boardman, they get outside the hive and chill themselves. Maybe these will solve the problem.

    The other package came from an Ebay member, Pestmall. It is a bee smock. Hood has hat built in and jacket is made out of pretty sturdy canvas. Pockets in front, elastic cuffs and waist. For $30 to my door, I don't think I can beat it with a stick.

    I am ready for the weather to turn to spring and get the bees out earning all of this hard earned money I am investing in them. 1/2 inch of ice and sleet today. Its gonna be a cold dreary night in the girl cave tonight.

    IMG-20130221-00054.jpg IMG-20130221-00049.jpg

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    Default Re: I an Dressed for Success Now.

    Very cool!
    Mike Forbes
    Red Dirt Apiaries


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