My 5 frames medium hive box is booming now.
Apparently all the 3 frames of new bees already hatched out. They overflow to the sides of the outer frames too. I did a sneak peek last night.
My question now is how do I put extra frame in there? My plan is to have them all drawn out this season. I have 90 extra foundationless frames ready for new combs, 20 foundation frames, 10 drawn out old frames with combs from last year.

I would like to do a split on the top box if I can this season. What is the best way to expand this hive now? Should I use the built old comb frames, foundation or foundationless frames first? Right now I only have one hive medium box.
Where do I put the frames inside the hive that is 95% full of bees now in a medium box. If I left them all packed then will they swarm later on? Say after the second batch of bees hatched approx. one month from now. Any suggestion is appreciated for the bees to grow more.