I have 5 hives that I intend to split this year. I use medium supers all the way - including the hive bodys. Three of the hives are a total of four supers and two of the hives are five supers. The supers are all full to the brim. I have been feeding for a month - and the bees have been active for about half that time on the warmer days. My plan was/is for walk away splits - a full super of brood, with a super on top of that with new foundation (not drawn out), and then a full super of honey on top of that. I have noticed drone comb in several of the hives - so I think they are ready. I might - depending on what the brood looks like when I get in there - make an extra hive in addition to just making 2 for 1 splits. Any advice? Would you put empty supers on the top to begin with - or let them get established?