Here is a pic of where they are. They are in between the fireplace and stuckoed soffit just under the rain gutter. there is about 1/2 inch gap between the soffit and fireplace. Owner says they have been there maybe a year. I think I can manage a trap out, which will leave honey and comb inside somewhere. With a cut out I have to go through concrete stucko to get into the soffit if they are not there they maybe in the attic, (doesn't look like there is an attic unless there is a whole extending into the attic, or the fireplace, or maybe they made a home down the block. The roof is a flat lanai roof extending past a hip roof. Oh yeah I'm brand new to all of this and don't really have the contstruction knowledge to do a cut out.



Here is a closer view:


and the long distance view, in the corner by the fireplace: