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Quite a few beekeepers have "gone public," I think. Why wouldn't they be willing to report losses to colony collapse (CCD)? So far, no definitive cause has been pinpointed, as far as I know.
The only downsides might be that a beekeeper may feel ashamed or prefer the public dosent know about their business. The greater incentive was to report it as unexplained that way (up until a few years ago) you could qualify for an ELAP reimbursement if you could get an inspector to conclude that it was in fact a CCD loss. That's correct, folks, your tax dollars at work. If the conclusion was that it was caused by varroa then you got nothing. So it's anyone's guess how many of these widely reported losses fell under some classification of the as yet still unexplained phenomena of CCD and how many were something more closely resembling PPB. There may not be an ELAP program today but the same principle still applies. If one were able to prove any loss is potentially someone else's fault the prospect of a government payment or even a future class action suit might be your only possible prospect for reimbursement. Unfortunately varroa don't have deep pockets.