Ok so I'm planning a full inspection later today (weather permitting some rain might be on the cards) as I have been unable to get to do this in two or three weeks due to severe weather events which included local flooding and hurricane force winds.

So to better plan for this I decided to take advantage of the screened bottom to get a quick video of how things look. http://youtu.be/javlzjb1lCQ so it doesn't look like things are too bad there are two tiny combs at one end that are likely crossed, and one that is quite wavy at the other, but doesn't look crossed. The question is should I do anything about this one or leave it alone?

Second question is I'm thinking of expanding the brood area by insetting a blank bar into it, not exactly in the middle but near to (I want to start moving the old donor comb to wards the ends of the hive for eventual removal) it. Is this a good idea or would I be better served moving one of the newly drawn combs there and letting the bees clear the honey for the queen to begin laying?

The strength of the hive looks great considering its only just approaching 60days in age from it's chop and crop birth last Christmas. Probably a bit of a silly musing on that note is: is this hive strong enough to split? It's just at the start of Fall here in Australia and my local winters are VERY mild (days mid to high teens Centigrade) with the occasional rare light frost at night. The local Eucalypti scrub is coming into flower at present too so there is the potential for a substantial nectar flow soon too.

Ok enough for now.....

Cheers, Thomas.