Permission was granted from Matthew to post this email he sent me. Matthew is/was the Nebraska sub-producer for Russell.

I'm one of the good men who gave Robert Russell the benefit of the doubt and I acted in good faith with pure intent only to help people when agreeing to be a sub-producer for Robert Russell, as the bees I received from RA to date perform well when compared alongside others. I've written before that I'll not speak ill of others and I intend to do my best to maintain that effort, but I won't withold truth either if I know it. We may never know where fact and fiction part in this whole ordeal, but we're trying to find out and once we know, I'll share what truth I know openly and honestly.

We've been misled just like everyone else and gave him the benefit of the doubt at every turn, because he did get us good bees. Many of us sub-producers are out thousands. I've only ever tried to help people and these events have made me sick to my stomach literally. I'm a man of my word and I'm having a hard time fathoming the level of what may turn out to be true. Anyone who ordered bees from me is welcome to a full refund or to have me get them bees from my stocks whose identities I can verify. I'm out several thousands of dollars that likely I'll never see again, so it may take me a while to come up with the money out of my own pocket for refunds for my customers who desire them, but I will keep my word. This just makes me sick.

I'll keep open for long enough to work out replacements or refunds with every single customer of mine. I have hard copy records of all customers who ordered through me, so these can't disappear. I always have and I always will live an honorable life and I will do right by people or die trying, so please copy and paste this anywhere you see fit. I'm 100% genuine 100% of the time and I stand by my word as well as help others when I can and everyone knows it. Us sub-producers were taken by the deception too. I may not be able to get any of my bees in Mississippi and I may not see several thousand dollars if any, but I'll be able to meet all my nuc and package orders and the NSK orders from May onward, as they are good bees regardless of any wrongdoing to all of us. The rest of the types I offered in good faith to be as they were represented to all of us, but they may or may not be what we all were led to believe, and so I will not be offended in any way if anyone chooses a full refund instead of replacements.

I'd like to reiterate that as I said above, I will keep my word to refund those who ordered through me who choose refund instead of alternate replacements, but I'll need several months' time to take care of everyone out of my own pocket. Already, I've helped several last year by sending queens or agreed to help several people with queens this year that they never received, as have several of the other sub-producers. Please forgive me and the others for being taken too. I offer my most sincere apologies. If you suspect my motives or trustworthiness in the least, then perhaps someone whom I’ve helped who has hard feeling towards RA and has voiced them publicly will offer their opinion of me, so that you know that my every act has been honorable. I will continue to do what I can to work through this ordeal to make as much good of a bad situation as is humanly possible, both for customers and for the other sub-producers, who like me lost so much.

Many people already have been in contact with me at, but feel free to send me an e-mail and I’ll try to find a way to find an acceptable solution for you. But, please give me or any of the other sub-producers time to respond to each e-mail as the volume of e-mails may make a timely response impossible.