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    Default Big Island Queens


    I just wanted to know if anyone here has any experience with Carniolan Queens from Big island Queens in Hawaii. I placed an order for 10 queens all the way back in the first week of January for 10 Carni queens from Olivarez in California.

    I called today to check in and they said they would still honor the order but the queens would come from Hawaii to me in New York in TWO DAYS (which I know they are getting slammed on the shipping for but credit to them are not passing the costs to me)

    Apparently Olivarez has purchased this queen producer in Hawaii

    Does anyone here have any experience with Big island queens or queens from Hawaii in general? I really am not a fan of non localized queens, especially from a tropical locale as I am in the frozen northeast, but I need these early to make some spring splits that hopefully will make some honey this year.

    Thanks for any input.
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    Default Re: Big Island Queens

    I'm sure it's too late, and you've already gotten your queens....
    I ordered from them last year. The queen was actually shipped from California. I paid for overnight shipping, which cost more than the queen! They were very nice to deal with, and helpful in the face of my urgency to get a queen in April.

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    Default Re: Big Island Queens

    If anyone is still interested, I ordered two Italian queens from Olivarez in early April and they said the queens were coming from Hawaii (BIQ). I got them exactly on time, they were in perfect condition, and were accepted quickly, and are now doing great. At this point, two months in, I am a happy customer. Total cost including shipping to CA was $90.


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