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    Default Re: Robert Russell is a fraud

    my day job is I am a dairy equipment dealer, for years... once you get notice of an agricultural banckruptcy you might as well forget seeing what your short. secured creditors [not you] will get every penny that the courts and lawers can not steal [legal fees]. I learned years ago not too even waste time fileing the paperwork. you will NEVER see a cent, move on!

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    Default Re: Robert Russell Apiaries - Update

    Quote Originally Posted by SideYardBees View Post
    Who should she call?
    If she wants to know, she can pm me. I'm always hesitant to put contact information for attorneys, even if public record, on forums for the masses to search for years after the case is closed.

    Or she can call the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Mississippi, Jackson Office.


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