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    In middle Georgia the January & first part of February were extremely warm. Trees an early flowers had started blooming and my 4 hives went from about every 6th bee bringing in pollen to nearly every bee loaded down. I observed multiple colors of pollen and the activity was intense to say the least. I have not checked but with all this going on I'm certain a major buildup is underway in the hives.
    Now the bad news the past weekend has been extremely cold and the lows have been in the 20's (2! this morning). The forecast for the week is better but not by much. I'm certain this has killed all the blooms and possibly some buds. I started feeding 1:1 syrup in mid January to stimulate a buildup but I'm wondering with all the activity if now I need to provide a feeding patty or just continue with syrup. This is my first set of hives in 25 years so I'm a newbeei. I can tell you beekeeping has changed a lot to say the least. Looking forward to everyone's comments.

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    Yes, it is the same here. I don't like false Spring time either.
    My bees started building up broods last month. 5 out of 6 carried pollens
    inside the hive just last week. Many young bees are scheduled
    to hatch at the end of this month too. I don't even check the hive anymore so
    just leave them alone for now. I did put in a patty and syrup feed outside now.
    Too bad the rest of the week weather forecast said cloudy and wet with chance of a thunderstorm.
    Everything is blooming now including the almond blossoms. But I wonder
    how the winds and rains will affect the pollination outcome. I can imagine a carpet
    of white false snows everywhere at the almond farms, already.
    My bees almost all stay inside the hive today given the high gusty winds and
    cooler temp. All day cloudy anticipating the rains tomorrow. Let's hope this
    crazy weather does not affect the bees that much. I took the heat pad off seeing
    it was so warm. Now I am thinking whether or not I should put it back on just
    to warm them up in the night time. False Spring....go go away!
    On the bright side, the rains will help with watering my vegetable garden. The borage and sunflower
    in pots will get water for free. The canola will grow taller after the rains. Now is a good chance to
    put some seeds on the ground too before the rains come.


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