Due to losing one of my colonies last year, I have a lot of old top bars with attached comb that I want to re-use this year to save the bees precious nectar usually lost to comb build-up. The combs have been frozen to kill any pests during the winter.

Last year I also had a LOT of trouble with cross-combing.

I'm worried that putting old top bars in (due to the waviness and irregularity of the combs) will cause a lot of problems with cross-combing, as the combs are not in the original "order".

Would it be worth it to "shave" down the sides of the combs to the width of the top bar in order to prevent cross-combing due to lack of bee-space? Theoretically wouldn't that allow the bees to re-build the comb out to a proper bee-space?

I guess I'm looking for any helpful info for re-using top bars with attached comb. Thanks for any input.