Wondering if anyone has thought of and/or tried this before I do.
I'll have quite a few drawn frames to store for a while. Not enough freezer space. I'm considering BT if I can find the form that is good for a long time and in a reasonable purchase size. My thinking is to put each frame in a plastic bag such as you use to bag produce at the local grocery store. I've used these to store frames of honey and prevent messes in the freezer and the deep frames fit nicely and can be tied to where I believe they will be air tight. I also have a large metal cabinet that would hold quite a few of these bagged frames in an organized fashion. Then I could place sufficient PDB in the cabinet to repel WM. An obvious concern, for me, is the potential interaction of the PDB and the plastic in the bags compromising the whole deal. I'll try PDB in a bag before I do anything else unless I get a quantified thumbs down
Thoughts appreciated. Nerf stones only please LOL