I decided to play around with my hive scale data and compare 2011 (a pretty normal year) with 2012 (a very hot year with little rainfall). I normalized each year and overlaid them. The data is very interesting.

I always see people asking about when the "flow" hits for certain areas, well, if you live by me, this might give you some indication.

2011 vs 2012.JPG

The red line is 2011, the gold line is 2012. Here's my take on the data:

1. flows hit much earlier when it warms earlier. This might not be a good thing if your bees don't have enough time to build up. As you can see, my bees had another month to build up in 2012 before the first flow hit.
2. You can see the effect of the drought on 2012 summer flow. In 2011 the summer flow was much larger than the spring flow. Vice-versa in 2012.
3. We have 3 main flows 1. the Black Locust flow, 2. Summer flow starting with Linden, and 3. The fall flow (mainly Goldenrod).

I'm just posting because I found it interesting.